Safety Increased acuity, Physiological Grieving: False. -Begin q15 minute neuro checks Pupils PERRLA, eyes clear. Sa fortune s lve 1 900,00 euros mensuels Love and belonging Pain Level Normal acuity Peripheral Neurovascular Dysfunction: False Scenario 5 Scenario 4 Senario 3 No Known allergies (NKA). Acute Pain True Evaluate learning -Provide the patient with the time when HCP will come discuss options with him Discharge instructions Constipation False Validate NPO Status She has been admitted to the floor with complaints of numbness in her right foot and ankle. Assess for bowel sounds Scenario 3, Copyright 2023 StudeerSnel B.V., Keizersgracht 424, 1016 GC Amsterdam, KVK: 56829787, BTW: NL852321363B01, Civilization and its Discontents (Sigmund Freud), Forecasting, Time Series, and Regression (Richard T. O'Connell; Anne B. Koehler), Psychology (David G. Myers; C. Nathan DeWall), Biological Science (Freeman Scott; Quillin Kim; Allison Lizabeth), The Methodology of the Social Sciences (Max Weber), Give Me Liberty! ADA diet, intake, 25%. The charge nurse tells you not to move the patient, because there is no special treatment according to social status. Inappropriate words = 3 Pain Level Increased acuity After leaving the room the provider tells the nurse that he hopes that he scared him into compliance with the treatment options. Include patient condition change in shift report You enter his room and recognize that Mr. Thomason appears to be talking to himself and appears confused. Swift River Reflection Questions day 7 Answer each question thoroughly in multiple sentences. The patient is asking you where her son is, the last place she saw him was right before the explosion. Scenario 3 Wash and glove hands List the nursing care order. -Explain to Mr. Greer that it may take several days for healing, and he may have temporary incontinence, but it will resolve over time. Scenario 2 Mr. Dominec decides he does not want to see Infectious Disease doctor about his new cough. -Ensure IV is patent, Lithia Monson Stat lithotripsy treatment ordered. The surgeon believes that the surgery was successful but recommends the patient have chemotherapy and radiation postoperatively. Patient demonstrates urine strain procedure. The nest morning the gastroenterologist informs Mr. Gonzalez that his EGD confirmed a diagnosis of Barrett's esophagus with Dysplasia. Scenario 3 Vital signs- No known allergies (NKA). Blood Pressure, 7a-7p Total: 7p-7a Total: Establish second IV Contact dietary consult Evaluate/modify plan of care Retrieve cast removal tool Document results Combien gagne t il d argent ? Tibial: _____ + Bilateral Other: ______________ Generalized: Pedal: ______ + Bilateral Other: ____________ Sacrum: Non-pitting Pitting ___ +. Also worth mentioning is the 'Alter Schwede' - a 217t . Evaluate understanding Rapid Response team arrived including anesthesia. Impaired home maintenance mgmg r/t client or family: False Spanish interpreter available at extension 61178. Senario 4 -Discuss with family sitter if there are any other family members who can help with monitoring Lithia Failure to Thrive: True. Deficient Knowledge False Ms. Getts is being transferred as an emergency to Critical Care. However, these abnormal cells do not have the capability to spread to other parts of the body. Waist belt restraint PRN; family sitter at bedside, assist with bath. Continent: Yes No Occasional Incontinence Frequent Incontinence Brief Senario 2 Senario 5 Chronic Pain False The bed arrives tomorrow. Pain affecting: N/A Sleep Activity Exercise Relationships Appetite Concentration Now, meeting the CDC definition, he has full blown AIDS but is asymptomatic at this time. NG tube to low suction possibly D/C'd today after Dr. Levine rounds. Senario 2 Fatigue True Regardez le Salaire Mensuel de Ticketmaster Beyonce Koln en temps rel. Fall, Risk for True **New Patients from 2020, Post- Covid-19 Update:** **Charlie Raymond , John Duncan, Carlos Mancia, kenny barrett, Tim Jones, Julia Monroe, Donald Lyles, John Wiggins, Richard Dominec, Preston Wright, Tom Richardson, Joyce Workman, Karen Cole, Jose Martinez, Mary Barkley Charlie Raymond (for older swift river patients see other pdf files loaded at the bottom of this file) Preston Wright Room . Inspect cast site Re-assess patient Vital signs Temp 99.4, BP 106/72, P 96, RR 20, SaO2 91%. Cross), Brunner and Suddarth's Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing (Janice L. Hinkle; Kerry H. Cheever), Forecasting, Time Series, and Regression (Richard T. O'Connell; Anne B. Koehler), Week #7 Assignment - Incentive Spriometer . Perform circulatory evaluation There is an initial triage provider written set of orders at her bedside for a STAT Chest X-ray, IV with NS, O2 NC, and STAT CBC and Chemistry. Mr. Duncan's wife meets you in hall asking what she could bring her husband to eat from home. 4Inform his partner that everything is being done to keep him comfortable. Combien gagne t il d argent ? Stoma Status: Pink-Red/Moist Dusky Retracted Excessive bulging Scenario 2 Ms. Rails states that she has not had a bowel movement (BM) in the past two days. Vital signs -Temp 98.4,BP 178/105, P 112, RR 28, SaO2 94%; Neuro- WNL's. His CP is 7/10 and his BP is 165/96, P 92, R 18, SaO2 98 on 2L NC. No known allergies (NKA). Senario 2 His overall health is good, and he has known he has been HIV positive for the past five years. Impaired Mobility True Noncompliance True. Safety Increased acuity, Physiological Impaired Home Maintenance Management False Visual assessment Peripheral Neurovascular Dysfunction False. Your responsibilities are: Scenario 1 Upon entering room, you wash/glove hands. Safety Surrounding skin: Moist/Intact Red/Erythema Irritation Vital signs -Temp 97.2, BP 96/74, P 82, RR 20, SaO2 97%. You question her while reviewing her operative consent and determine that everything is correct. Bleeding, Risk for: True Allow family to remain He also complains that his throat is still very sore. Physical Mobility, Impaired True Therapeutic communicationT Ambulates with assistance. Scenario 5 Extends abnormally = 2 Mr. Greer has returned from the radiology where a CT scan was done after his fall and while no injuries were noted there were some suspicious areas noted making concern that the cancer may have spread to the bone. Iron forms a sulfide with the approximate formula Fe7S8\mathrm{Fe}_7 \mathrm{~S}_8Fe7S8. Scenario 2 Notify doctor if condition is abnormal Senario 5 Scenario 4 Evaluation patient after consult Wash and glove hands Patients within the Swift River Online Simulators Med Surg - Patients SROL Med Surg Female and Male Patients Female Male Ann Rails Carlos Mancia Estelle Hatcher John Duncan Kathy Gestalt Robert Sturgess Lithia Monson Tom Richardson Marcella Como Ramona Stukes Sarah Getts Viola Cumble Dosage Calc - Patients SROL Dosage Calc Female and Male Patients Compromised Family Coping: False Safety- Scenario 5 Pulses: Strength & Symmetry Edema: Discuss follow up with his doctor. You are told that he has intermittent chest pain with substernal burning that radiates to his mid-back. The patient is awake, alert, and oriented. Escort patient to vehicle His orthostasis is normalized after a second liter of NS was administered. They wanted to know and pressure you for the information. SANE nurse to make second visit today. Educate caller regarding HIPAA Readiness for Self-Care Enhancement True Scenario 4 Scenario 2 Hopelessness False. Isolative, appears fearful, crying, and refusing to see her husband. The sister of Mr. Mancia calls from home to speak with you. Impaired Skin Integrity, Risk for False Self-Actualization Sa fortune s lve 2 000,00 euros mensuels Consult Social Service Safety He is restless with slight confusion but is easily orientated with attempts from nurse. -Using therapeutic communication inform Mr. Greer that there are many treatment options, and not to leave until the HCP can come and speak with him Lithia Monson, 93 years old, c/o head injury, r/o subdural hematoma. Sleep deprivation False Nursing questions and answers. He has partial thickness burns to his left arm and the left side of his face. Too bad the cruise area was a very unatractive part of the River Elbe. Nausea: False -Reassess patient's physical status prior to leaving him in the hallway Intermittent/Continuous Other: Ineffective Airway Clearance True Therapeutic communication. Education of Foley Cath Procedure -Instruct Mr. Burgundy and his cameraman to stop immediately Scenario 3 Scenario 2 -Ask the patient to verbalize understanding of teaching and reassure them that yourself or any member of their care team will be available to answer questions. Love and belonging Verify call light/ bed safety precautions 20ga. Lung sounds are worse. Skin warm dry, bruises on forehead with small laceration. Apply nasal cannula Scenario 5 Glasgow Coma Scale 0-15 Musculoskeletal Scenario 2 Stoma: N/A Colostomy Ileostomy Effluent Consistency: He is currently febrile with temperature 100.8, HR 99, BP 135/96, RR 20, PaO2 96%, nauseated with no vomiting, rebound tenderness in right lower quadrant, has elevated WBC's and surgeon feels this will be uneventful even though he has just been diagnosed with AIDS this past week. Until the recent diagnosis of cancer, the patient had only seen a physician once in the last ten years. Dr. Suculo, Physiological Vital Signs: B: 160/92, P: 96, R: 22, SpO2: 98, T: 98.9F, 37.1C. Compromised Family Coping False She has been documented as being obese, new onset. Sleep Deprivation False -Evaluate patient's understanding of teaching , a 58-year-old male patient presents to the ER CO CP 10/10. Neuro WNL. Skip to document Ask an Expert Sign inRegister Sign inRegister Home Ask an ExpertNew My Library Discovery Institutions StuDocu University Keiser University Western Governors University Impaired Skin Integrity, Risk for False Localizes pain = 5 Notify lead nurse/doctor Regardez le Salaire Mensuel de Ubah Kalimat Efektif Online en temps rel. Physiological Since the finding was low-grade dysplasia and is considered the early stage of precancerous changes, the gastroenterologist recommends another endoscopy in six months, with additional follow-up every six to 12 months. Acute Confusion: True Hep-Lock in place left AC. Notify doctor and charge nurse Evaluate understanding. Oral Care Alert and cooperative. Determine clinical decisions based on listening to an audible client report. Impaired skin integrity: False, Anxiety: True Scenario 3 Senario 4 Fall, risk for True Educate patient The cycle of freezing and thawing damages the abnormal cells. Deficient Knowledge True Endoscopic resection, which uses an endoscope to remove damaged cells to aid in the detection of dysplasia and cancer. Then the bus splashed into the river for a cruise. Document findings Lithia Monson Chronic Pain True Sensorium Increased acuity, Physiological Her chart reports she was extubated upon arrival to the recovery area, received three units (3000 mL) of fluid, receiving O2 @ 4L via nasal cannula, has Foley Catheter in place draining QS clear yellow urine, responds to verbal stimulation, chest dressing in place remains dry and intact, and has just received a small dose of IV morphine for pain. Ineffective Peripheral Tissue Perfusion False Robert Strurgess Document results -Ensure the bed is in lowest position, the side rails are up, the call light is in reach, and ask the patient if they need anything before you leave the room Notify doctor Senario 2 Combien gagne t il d argent ? Imbalanced Nutrition True Describe the physical changes from aging and the care required. swift river assignment: day swift river assignments dosage minimum score 90 med minimum score 80 minimum score 90 robert sturgess linda yu linda pittmon carlos Skip to document Ask an Expert Sign inRegister Sign inRegister Home Ask an ExpertNew My Library Discovery Institutions Keiser University Silver Creek High School (Colorado) #1: _________, No Hopelessness True Respiratory Assessment Noncompliance True Regular diet. Reassure patient and help explain any new orders from physician to patient Robert Sturgess, 81 years old, Dx- Metastatic CA of Colon, Hx of diabetes. Robert Sturgess - Swift River Swift River University Nightingale College Course Concepts of Nursing I (BSN 246) Academic year2022/2023 Helpful? Assessment of bowel movement Escort patient Senario 3 You arrive in room to find Ms. Monson talking to herself. This will treat any cancer that may have metastasized to the bone. Wash and glove hands Severe pain (10/10) medicated q 30 minutes x4 with IV Morphine 2mg with little relief. Vital signs -Temp 98.8, BP 102/76, P 102- irregular, RR 22, SaO2 90%, cardiovascular on telemetry with Sinus irregular rhythm. Sensorium Normal acuity, Physiological Scenario 2 Apply oxygen Sit at an eye level. Scenario 5 Safety No Known allergies (NKA). -Advise sitter to notify nurse when leaving the room Therapeutic Communication Swift River Clinical Practice Chamberlain University Expert James Moore Category: Nursing Description Full Document Jose Martinez Room 301 Jose Martinez, Jose Martinez, 43- year old male experiencing chest pain while watching a state rival football game earlier in the evening. Determine from medical record if partner is aware of his recent AIDS diagnosis. Mr. Greer has just returned from surgery. Imbalance nutrition: True Some hair on the left side of his head has been burned off, as well. Sleep Deprivation False. Auscultate peripheral pulses and ROM. Deficient knowledge: False Abdominal Pain: Non-tender Tender/Pain Describe: He has a history of well controlled GERD with over-the-counter Tagamet (Cimetidine), and Tums. Scenario 1 Neuro WNL alert and cooperative. Awaiting diagnostic labs. He does not want to return to the nursing home, and does not wish to burden or live with his children. Safety- At Risk, Impaired Comfort False Tube Feeding: Type:_________________________ Amount/Rate: ________________________ Bolus/Infusion Fall, Risk for True -Assess patient's ABC (airway, breathing, circulation) In reassessing Ms. Monson, her vital signs are: BP -106/82, Temp-98.2, P-106, RR-18, SaO2-88. Vital sign assessments The patient was placed on 2 L O2 NC, EKG monitoring to include a 12 lead, Pulse Oximeter. No known allergies (NKA). Because of the fall the provider has recommended that he stay in the hospital another night. The Physician tells you to have everything ready including a 22 French chest tube, and he will be in shortly to position the chest tube. His past symptoms for three months have been that he noticed a slight hoarseness in speaking, a slight dry cough not related to a cold, and upon examination had a "pea-size lump on the center of his neck". Attain fluids/fiber diet and assisted ambulation Dr. Small at bedside with patient and family. Sleep deprivation: False Sensorium: Normal acuity, Bleeding, risk for: False No response = 1, Muscle Strength: WNL, Flaccid, Contracted Scenario 2 Dr. Rondeau, Educational Needs Increased acuity Document and prepare to transfer to Surgical ICU Head/Face: Symmetric Asymmetric Drooping Document results Scenario 2 Use therapeutic communication/active listening Provide information for MD to call family at home and explain what has just happened Full assessment Respiratory Rhythm: Regular Rhythmic Irregular Periods of Apnea Cheyne-Stokes Where is my camera man!! Health Change Increased acuity RUE: ______________ LUE: ______________ You correctly diagnosed 11 out of 16 options. Pain Level Increased acuity Scenario 2 -Restart the IV and draw CBC Check monitor Full head to toe neuro assessment. Document results Administer new pain medz You observe Ms. Getts being assisted by another nurse who is being blatantly rude and disrespectful to her. You are now preparing for discharge, place steps in order: Senario 1 2Provide comfort in pre-surgical room Mr. Dominec. Impaired Home Maintenance Management r/t Client or Family False Assess vital results Our Swift River Simulations are designed to help students and practicing nurses master their skills of Prioritization, Delegation, and Sequential thinkingwithout the requirement of being onsiteor even having to download software. Family in room with patient very concerned. Document Results, Robert Sturgess, 81 years old, Dx- Metastatic CA of Colon, Hx of diabetes. We have more than 20 years' experience in the industry providing a quality service to our clients We pride ourselves on our customer-orientated service and commitment to delivering high end quality goods within quick turnaround times. You arrive in room to check on her, after washing hands. When a physician makes an incision into a body cavity just superior to the diaphragm and inferior to the neck, what body cavity will be exposed? Document results. Evaluate patient learning Obtain translatorT You enter room one hour after the physician has left the patient. LOC Normal acuity Aggravating Factors: Neuro WNL alert and cooperative. Acute Confusion True Shock, Risk for: False Scenario 5 0800 1200 Document results and findings No known allergies (NKA). Scenario 3 Insertion Site: Dry/Intact Redness/Erythema Drainage Tenderness Maceration Perform circulatory evaluation RLE: ______________ LLE: ______________, Casts/Splits: ____________________________, Motor response Verbal command = 6 Senario 5 Genitalia: WNL (skin intact, no lesions) Abnormalities Describe: __________________________ When you enter the room, the patient is having chest pain again, and they are pale and diaphoretic. Impaired Gas Exchange False He chooses to go home and see the doctor tomorrow in his office. Seek clarification Skin Color: Consistent with ethnicity pinkish-tan light-tan dark-tan light-brown dark-brown It is now the second day post op and he is given discharge information. Leave to break room and not continue in conversation. Toggle navigation Swift River. How does the Med-surg simulator work? Ronald Burgundy Odor: __________, *Types: Abrasion, Burn, Laceration, Puncture, Surgical, Pressure Ulcer, Vascular Ulcer, Maceration, Excoriation, Skin Bleeding: True Patients vital signs are BP: 100/58, P: 106, R: 28, PaO2: 92%, T: 97.1 F, 36.2 C. Deficient Knowledge False The heartburn has become worse since he started treatment for his URI. Encourage fluids and fiber diet Deficient Diversional Activity False Report current urinary output quantify per hour and color of urine -If cardiac is suspected call the provider and the rapid response team. Students will prioritize medical surgical . Full assessment Replace oxygen nasal cannula that had become disconnected Failure to Thrive False. Vital signs- Temp 98.7, BP 114/67, P 115, RR 20, SaO2 98%. Document results and findings Expresses fatigue, fear, concern, and desire for recovery. Perform circulatory evaluation Cough: Electrolyte Imbalance True Mrs. Smith shares with you that even though she signed the operative consent she was not sure if this was the right surgical procedure for her. Mr. Sturgess is uncomfortable with experiencing urinary frequency that keeps him from resting. Two hours later, Mr. Duncan is asked how frequent his stools have been today. -Take initial vital signs (room air Pulse Ox) -Inform Mr. Burgundy that he cannot report from the ED, as patient privacy is strictly protected by HIPPA : an American History, EMT Basic Final Exam Study Guide - Google Docs, Philippine Politics and Governance W1 _ Grade 11/12 Modules SY. Urine Color: Clarity: Odor: The cells are allowed to warm up and then are frozen again. Neptune is an average distance of 4.5109km4.5 \times 10^{9} \mathrm{km}4.5109km from the Sun. A GI cocktail was administered, and the patient stated that it decreased his pain to a 6/10. Senario 2 There is an order to apply a waist belt restraint if needed. Upon entering room, you find Mr. Sturgess is quiet, appears tense and rigid but states, "I am feeling fine." . Hypothermia False Nausea/Vomiting: Yes No Contact Social Services Scenario 5 Document teaching moment. Pupils: PERRLA Size: R: mm L: _mm Unequal Sluggish Non-reactive Mr. Gonzalez's repeat troponin was negative and no significant elevation in his other enzymes. Acute Pain True Deficient Knowledge False Diet as tolerated, up ad lib after gait training. Check PRN pain order -Call security for assistance and compliance officer Linen Change Re-assess patient Scenario 3 Yes IV D5 1/2 NS with 20 KCL @ 125 ml/hr in left forearm. You now arrive in the recovery unit one hour post-surgery and you are told that the surgery went well. Three hours later, Ms. Getts is unsteady when standing by her bedside. -Notify charge nurse of patient's deteriorating condition Fall, Risk for True Perform neuro assess Sa fortune s lve 2 216,00 euros mensuels Encourage fluids/fiber/ambulation Give verbal report Educational Needs Increased acuity Impaired Skin Integrity False Educate patient/family Her pitcher has already been filled three times this shift. Assess intake and output and possible reasoning Scenario 2 Mrs. Stukes is feeling nauseated. He also states he is feeling weak. -Teach the patient that there are several interventions for complications post-prostatectomy to include erectile dysfunction, post-op prostatectomies, and self-care involved with a foley catheter at home. Palliative care. Fall Risk Increased acuity He has not had his BP medication today. -Determine when a hospital provided sitter will be necessary Respiratory Rate: WNL Tachypnea Bradypnea The provider advises the Nurse to draw a stat CBC, give a liter bolus of NS, and repeat CBC. Dr. Altace, Educational Needs Increased acuity Document results and findings Imbalanced Nutrition: True Pain Level: Increased acuity Amount:________ Offer assistance in providing more information about treatment options for newly diagnosed AIDS patients. Scenario 1 Educate patient Acquire daily weight and food intake -When the HCP arrives, stay in the room to determine whether you can continue care with the patient Several hours later, Mr. Duncan is now complaining of nausea. Wash and glove hands IV NS is started, and lab work is sent. Mr. Mancia is non-English speaking patient and is fearful of being discovered as an illegal immigrant. Dr. Roopes, Estelle Hatcher, 31yr-old, r/o appendicitis, 1st day post-op appendectomy; No known allergies (NKA); Vital signs - Temp 101.2, BP 108/74, P 92, RR 20, SaO2 99%, alert and cooperative. Notify doctor Vital signs -Temp 97.2, BP 96/74, P 82, RR 20, SaO2 97%. Health Change Increased acuity -Recheck Tilts after the NS bolus is complete.T Acute Confusion False Wash and glove hands Offer masks to visitors Fall Risk Increased acuity Color:__________ Assess The pain makes him short of breath. Your coworkers are asking you questions about Mr. Dominec. Evaluate caller understanding Hx of dementia, from nursing home, fall one day ago. Verbal response Oriented converses = 5 Vital signs -Temp 98.6, BP 114/62, P 100, RR 20, SaO2 94%. Senario 2 Physiological- Mr. Burgundy now has his cameraman filming in the ED and is attempting to do a live report. Peripheral Neurovascular Dysfunction True. Educate patient Bed Bath: Assist or Total Safety Love and Belonging Two housekeepers, who were refusing to clean the room, are in the break room. Vital re-assessment Check input/output for possible dehydration While assessing the patient, Mr. Greer tells you that he is very concerned about all the potential complications involved with this surgery. The patient states that the symptoms occurred in the middle of the night and woke him from his sleep. -Ask Mr. Burgundy to lower his tone as it can be disturbing to other patients Evaluate understanding Elevate head of bed Connect telemetry Blood Glucose 185, 4 units of insulin sliding scale for coverage. Color:__________ IV maintenance fluids with D5 1/2 NS with 20 KCL @ 125ml/hr in left forearm. Scenario 2 Increased fall risk. Place call light and check bed for safety Recent chest X-ray shows diffuse bilateral interstitial infiltrates in all lobes. Infection, risk for: False. Scenario 2 Adjust crutches His VS are BP 122/64, P 89, R 12, SpO2 93%. It is now two weeks later; Mrs. Smith has returned. Health Change Increased acuity Vital signs -Temp 99.1, BP 124/62, P 77, RR 20, SaO2 91%. Scenario 1 Arthur Thomason, 56-year-old MVA victim, fourth day post op with a splenectomy and femur repair. You, his prior nurse, notice the family and respond to them. Inform patient about the progression and risk a PCP infection has for a patient with AIDS. He has been readmitted for a red spot on his sacrum of 1 cm and a 2 cm blister on his right heel. Students also viewed Culture Concept notebook Development concept notebook Elimination concept notebook Gas Exchange concept notebook Pain = 2 Vital signs- Temp 98.7, BP 114/67, P 115, RR 20, SaO2 98%. The cancer was more advanced than they previously had thought so inguinal lymph nodes were removed. 20ga. You also notice the patient is more difficult to orient. Verify call Light/bed safety precautions View Swift River Reflection Questions (1).docx from NRSG 4412 at South College. #ozerysnackingrounds I am so excited to be partnering with Ozery Family Bakery today. Check physician orders When the nurse enters the room later that day to inform him that the procedure is scheduled for 1430, they see Mr. Gonzalez is sitting in front of a lunch tray. Neuro WNL alert and cooperative. Social Isolation, Risk for True Lithia Monson Due to this, the provider would like him to stay in the hospital for observation. You enter patient's room. Wound site clean, dry and intact NPO, NG-tube to low continuous suction. Vital signs- Temp 98.7, BP 114/67, P 115, RR 20, SaO2 98%. No known allergies (NKA). Therapeutic communication Do not disturb -Place patient on O2 Nasal Canula Ms. Cumble is in bed and appears comfortable and requests assistance from you to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. Electrolyte Imbalance False Raspberry and Cream Cheese Stuffed Blueberry French Toast with Ozery. Impaired mobility: False Esteem Psychological Needs Increased acuity Scenario 1 Odor: __________, No Ineffective Self-Health Management True -Reinforce the risk if patient has not been NPO and ask the patient when the last time they ate. The nurse identifies self to the nurse triaging patients and is directed to trauma room 4. Yes Productive Non-productive Describe Sputum: _______________________ Scenario 3 Scenario 1 She shares concern about patient's wife who is now coughing and having night sweats. ADA diet, intake 25%. Notify charge nurse that discharge will probably not occur today. Widespread Color Change: N/A pallor cyanosis jaundice erythema Sa fortune s lve 2 216,00 euros mensuels Obtain recent chest X-ray reports and recent ABG's for physician to review r/o Tuberculosis. Fall, risk for: False Excess Fluid Volume, Risk for False Filmotka filmu Najvyia ponuka (2013). Acute Pain True -Remind patient to call for help is he need to get up and provide patient with a urinal. Wife at bedside. Anxiety True He is having some difficulty hearing and complains of ringing in his ears. Scenario 1 Scenario 3 The nurse performs tilt test, Patient vital signs lying flat, BP 118/62, P 92, R 20, T 98.5, SpO2 97. RUE: ______________ LUE: _____________ Document results The patient describes this pain as a heavy pressure with intermittent stabbing. When you arrive to room 4, you are told to assume the care for the patient and get ready to transport them to the floor ASAP. Pain and numbness in legs for one week. If patient statement differs from the surgical consent she has signed, notify surgeon immediately Scenario 1 No known allergies (NKA). Grieving: True Sexuality: True. Infection, Risk for True Disoriented to time and place, speech slurred. Document results and findings Crutches at bedside adjusted for height. You explain that his condition has worsened and now he has been taken to ICU. Shock False Mr. Richardson is now vomiting and shows no relief 45 minutes after receiving pain medication. Scenario 5 Peripheral Neurovascular Dysfunction False Verify call light/bed safety precautions After washing and gloving hands, you then identify yourself and the patient, Ann Rails.

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